A Run For Your Money

Updated: May 15, 2020

There's a great board game (yes, actual physical board game, which folds out and has pieces and dice to throw) called "Cashflow". It teaches financial literacy without you having to read a book, or attend a fifteen week course.

Some who play the game don't quite get it at first and the game might last a little too long for those who are used to playing the likes of Ludo, Cluedo or even Game of Life (remember the advert? lol)

I was looking at some finance apps one day and came across an app called "Money Race". It talked about "getting out of the rat race", something that so many aspire to, and so I downloaded it and gave it a go.

What are you doing to get out of the 'rat race'?

It was simple enough to get into and I noticed quite a few similarities to the board game "Cashflow", except it was a bit more fast paced and you also could play solo.

Money Race is only on Android though, sorry Apple users, but I do recommend giving it a try even if you have to borrow someone's phone. It's another way to help equip you to escape the money matrix.

This was a great way to keep me focused on taking steps towards a better financial future and I even avoided getting out of the rat race in the game, just to reinforce some of the underlying lessons within.

The company behind the game then released Money Race 2, which I had a go of a few times, but I really do prefer the original which unfortunately is no longer available. (However what I might do for BMM Plus members, is extract the APK and add it to the members area for download)

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