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"Escape The Money Matrix.

Track Your Money Like A Pro. 

Learn Key Rules About Money"

Budget Money Manager helps college, uni students ​and young adults escape the money matrix...

"They want to keep you in the money matrix"

By keeping certain ideas from you, they make more money from you. #smallprint 


Thousands feel like they are sinking everyday. The way you manage your money from today could be the difference between being able to comfortably walk into work one day and saying "I quit" or waking up every morning saying "I can't quit". Which position would you prefer to be in?


This is how much debt I got into before I found out about a key rule about money. This began a shift in the way I thought about money and began my escape from the total grip of the money matrix. 

There are a few things that you should know about credit cards, loans and interest, plus ways to keep them under control. The earlier you know the better. The Budget Money Manager program gets you started.

There are only a few things you can do to make sure your bank balance keeps growing. One of them is to track and monitor your cashflow. It's one of the key pieces of the puzzle to help you.

There's a great way for you to work out your cashflow and much more when you get started with our Budget Money Manager program.

"The Personal Money Tracker is your essential tool"

See where your money is going all in one place and make better decisions.
Personal Money Tracker
Personal Money Tracker

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Personal Money Tracker
Personal Money Tracker

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Personal Money Tracker
Personal Money Tracker

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Personal Money Tracker
Personal Money Tracker

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The Personal Money Tracker is a special type of budget planner, divided into four simple sections: Income, Debt, Expenses and Assets.
It will also show you your cashflow and whether you are Sinking, Drifting or Cruising towards your future, meaning you can take steps to make positive financial changes today.

Are you Sinking, Drifting or Cruising?

Find out by using The Personal Money Tracker and then take action

"3 Course Modules included to get you money wise"

Find out some of the ways the Money Matrix keeps people trapped for years
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1. Cashflow Mindset

Sinking, Drifting, Cruising

Get to know the techniques to get your money working on autopilot, so your net worth can increase


2. Debt Management

Punch Debt In The Face

Debt can trap you, but it can also be used to improve your situation once you know how

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3. Money Psychology


Money slips through fingers everyday and a slight shift in your thought patterns can change this

"Earning more money doesn't automatically fix things"

~ More money is only part of the solution ~


Rent and mortgage payments keep increasing so keeping a closer eye on your money situation is key. Naturally you'll want to increase the gap between your salary and our monthly expenses.

There'll be some other ideas and tips available to increase your earnings over time and make the most of your money. 

"Bonus Feature : True Car Cost Calculator"

A car is so convenient, but it also conveniently hides costs. Here's a way to find them.
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To start your escape from the money matrix, you need to:







Don't Do What I DId

Don't Do What I DId



Financial Independence

Financial Independence

About Me

A regular guy who wants to see a whole generation avoid some of the common money traps and mistakes that slowed me down.


Author of "Don't Do What I Did" aimed at young adults, and for the little brothers, sisters, cousins, sons and daughters, there is my children's book "Seeds", for ages 8 and up, which a story about money without mentioning money in the main story.


Hi, I'm David Ankrah, I've worked in finance for over 15 years and the Budget Money Manager program is designed to be a useful, insightful great step towards building your wealth sooner rather than later, while avoid going into thousands of pounds of debt like I did. 

A lot of us would love our Financial Independence Day to become reality as soon as humanly possible. (Hint: It's the day when your residual cashflow covers all your monthly expenses.) More hints inside. Get started today.

"Teach Your Money To Look After You"

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